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Arabic Language Flagship Program
The University of Mississippi

Program Requirements

Program Requirements | Application Instructions

➱ I’ve never studied Arabic before. Can I apply?
Yes! Some students do come in with a few years of Arabic study from high school courses or programs such as NSLI-Y, but a majority of our incoming freshmen do not have any former experience in the language.


➱ I HAVE studied Arabic before. Can I skip the intro-level classes?
Incoming students with prior Arabic experience will take a placement exam. Most students with four to five years of high school Arabic will test into the second half of Arab 111 (about 3 weeks into the summer) — that’s how strong our program is!


➱ My ACT/SAT score is ___. Am I eligible?
UM Arabic Flagship takes a wholistic approach to the application review process. Though standardized test scores are taken into consideration, there is no minimum ACT/SAT score required for admission. Similarly, the program has no minimum GPA requirement, though GPA is taken into consideration. Instead, the program weighs a variety of factors including GPA, rigor of coursework, prior study of any language, community involvement, work experience, leadership, writing ability, time abroad (if applicable), future academic and career plans, language aptitude, and ability to succeed in a rigorous academic program, among others.


➱ I’m a current freshman at UM taking Arab 111/112. Can I join Flagship?
We will review these cases on an individual basis dependent on academic standing and commitment to all Flagship policies. If this is you, please contact us here.


➱ I’ve got a lot more questions.
We’ve got answers. Contact our Coordinator Lauren Burns at


➱ Okay, I’m ready. How do I apply?
A good place to start is right here!