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Arabic Language Flagship Program
The University of Mississippi

Arabic Courses

Modern Standard Arabic

ARAB 111: Intensive Arabic I

ARAB 112: Intensive Arabic II

5 credit hours each

ARAB 211: Intensive Arabic III

ARAB 212: Intensive Arabic IV

6 credit hours each

ARAB 311: Intensive Arabic V

ARAB 312: Intensive Arabic VI

3 credit hours each


Colloquial Arabic Courses

ARAB 322: Levantine I

ARAB 323: Levantine II

ARAB 422: Levantine III

ARAB 423: Levantine IV

2 credit hours each

ARAB 317: Egyptian I

ARAB 318: Egyptian II

ARAB 417: Egyptian III

ARAB 418: Egyptian IV

2 credit hours each

ARAB 320: Moroccan I

ARAB 321: Moroccan II

ARAB 420: Moroccan III

ARAB 421: Moroccan IV

2 credit hours each


Content Courses (taught in Arabic)

ARAB 411: Media Arabic

ARAB 412: Upper-Level Arabic Conversation

ARAB 415: Arabic Dialectology

ARAB 416: Language & Conflict in the M.E.

ARAB 471: Issues & Trends in Contemporary Lebanon

3 credit hours each

ARAB 511: Introduction to Arabic Literature

ARAB 512: Introduction to the Qur’an

ARAB 513: Spoken Arabic: Superior Proficiency

ARAB 514: Arabic Literature, Culture & Thought

ARAB 515: Arabic Dialectology

3 credit hours each


Study Abroad

ARAB 215: Arabic Practicum I

5 credit hours

ARAB 298: Intermediate Study Abroad

1-12 credit hours

ARAB 315: Arabic Practicum II

5 credit hours

ARAB 398: Advanced Study Abroad

1-12 credit hours

ARAB 596: Arabic Capstone

1-15 credit hours

ARAB 598: Arabic Capstone

1-6 credit hours 

Odd-numbered courses are offered only in the Fall, and even-numbered courses are offered only in the Spring, with the exclusion of the study abroad courses, which may be taken during any semester. Additionally, summer sections of ARAB 111 & 112 are offered exclusively to Flagship students during Summer Sessions I & II.

For more information about Arabic courses, please visit the Academic Catalog.


Ustaza Asmaa treats her students to a party on the last day of class.